What makes great boards?

The importance of a strong Board to any business cannot be overstated. But successful teams are not formed by chance – they are the result of long-term work, which includes personnel selection, communication with them, and team building. It takes effort for a group of people to work together without any disagreements.

Five Skills of Highly Effective Board

To improve the productivity of individual employees, managers and HR professionals provide them with the best possible opportunities for learning and development. But recently, companies have been paying more and more attention to the effectiveness of the entire team. After all, the best products and the most interesting ideas appear thanks to teamwork – the group quickly detects errors and finds non-standard solutions to problems.

Take a look at five skills of a highly effective Board:

    1. Hire the right people. If you have the opportunity, attract the best specialists or those who have the potential to become the best for your team.
    2. Drive wisely. Getting the staff right is important, but not enough. Even if you hire only the best talent, you can’t build a perfect team if the atmosphere is bad.
    3. Set clear requirements for candidates. Don’t expect someone to have already figured out for you what the perfect marketer should be. There is no universal portrait of candidates for a certain position or industry.
    4. Motivate the candidate to work with you. Not necessarily a high salary or a famous name. At the start, while no one knows about you, you need to talk more about yourself and your business.
    5. The Board team is a holistic mechanism that works on common tasks and a single goal (implements certain functionality).

How to Make an Ideal Board?

What is an ideal Board? Everyone works for results, respects others, and values ​​the company. We are figuring out how to assemble a team where devotion to the common cause will prevail. A few men gathered together with their ambitions, outlook, principles, and other “cockroaches,” is an explosive situation in itself. When these people need to work on the same project, express opinions, and come to a consensus, the stakes increase, but some companies manage to assemble the perfect team. Where every professional does not take the initiative, respects other people’s opinions, and works efficiently and according to plan.

If you collect short excerpts from various instructions on the topic “how to make an ideal Board,” then you will get a list of 6 points:

      • Collect worthy employees in the optimal number;
      • Clearly set goals and objectives;
      • To prove the benefit for everyone from successful teamwork;
      • Help boys and girls get to know each other better;
      • Learn to work together in general and on a specific project in particular;
      • Create and maintain team spirit.

There is a fundamental difference between “hiring a person who realizes my goal” and “hiring a person who realizes the common idea.” Of course, in the first case, the professional will do everything “according to plan.” But when people share the mission and values of the company, they are ready to go beyond the boundaries, look for new opportunities, and acquire new skills to achieve your common goals. A cool team needs to be carefully “raised.” And this should be done by a manager with a strong sense of values, goals, and work ethic. Such a leader can turn employees into a real team.